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BETHEL PAVILION HOMECARE provides Assisted Living Services that are focused on supporting patients with mental health, brain injury, physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and their families in the community. Our Assisted Living facility is within the Health Regulation Division of the Minnesota Department of Health.

Our biggest goal is to promote independence and individual empowerment to every resident under our care and for them to achieve the highest level of functionality and wellness in the community. We offer:

  • Access to treatment and services in the community
  • Comfortable living environment which is spacious, quiet, and clean.
  • Person-centered services
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Our mission is to provide services that enhance dignity, promote recovery, increase independence, improve quality of life, and support community integration and inclusion to residents with physical and mental needs.


We envision excellence to be a commitment, which is why we:

  • Continue to strive for excellence in supporting mental health resident and families in our communities.
  • Provide resident-focused quality care in mental health.
  • Provide a person-centered approach in health care services to adults and seniors with physical and mental health needs who want to live in the community.

Our Owner’s Bios

We have been working as Registered Nurses for over 20 years. Our expertise lies in the mental healthcare setting, but we have worked in various settings such as in mental illness/chemical dependence committed (MI/CD), long-term care setting, home care setting, and in Assisted Living and enhanced Assisted Living settings.

We have the ability to lead and work effectively in a high-energy environment due to our strong analytical skills. These skills allow us to capably assess conditions and implement appropriate intervention to achieve patient-focused outcomes.

In addition, our experience allows us to identify our strengths and weaknesses in the field, such that we can:

  • Utilize nursing skills to provide care and therapeutic measures that conform to the current standards of nursing practice and /or established procedures.
  • Remain calm and professional throughout critical incidents.
  • Be a resourceful problem solver capable of implementing solutions to complex problems.
  • Relate well to people of all cultures.
  • Possess special sensitivity to meeting diverse needs in varies situations.
  • Develop rapport with patients, families, staff, and physicians as we work together to provide safe and quality care.
  • Be fast learners and adapt well to changes, which help us to be better nurses.
  • Provide exceptional nursing care to mental health/medical patients using the nursing process to help patients attain and maintain psychiatric stability using individualized treatment plan that is person-centered.
  • Utilize the Vulnerable Risk Reduction Plan (VRRP) Suicidal risk assessment, violence risk assessment, initial treatment plan to identify risks, and vulnerability area in processing admissions of new patients.
  • Develop with the multi-disciplinary team a comprehensive treatment and discharge plan that incorporates nursing care needs and identify patient’s individual strengths, needs, barriers, progress in treatment, discharge criteria, and provide an adequate support system for the patient and their family in the community.
  • Administer, transcribe, reconcile, report side effects and document accurately on medications and treatments as prescribed by providers.
  • Work as charge nurses by managing unit milieu, matching patients according to staff abilities, provide directions to Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), and PERSONAL CENTERED CARE (PCA) and assist them with finishing their assignments and providing resources when needed.
  • Using nontherapeutic methods in managing residents with challenging behaviors such as knowing how to deescalate a tense environment by negotiation, focusing on person-centeredness, teaming with other staff to ensure the safety of residents and staff.
  • Provide drug/contraband-free environments by following facility policies and procedures.
  • Monitor and perform safety rounds per facility policies to ensure patient safety.
  • Ensure continuity of care by charting.
  • Follow safety and sanitation protocol to meet state and federal regulations by initiating incident/accident reports and following emergency protocols that involve patients, staff, or visitors.

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